Technology and Trends in Education: “The use of YouTube”

Belinda Kaplan

PIDP 3240

June 18, 2012

One of the most fascinating and useful Web 2.0 applications, in my opinion, is YouTube.  In fact, I usually try to incorporate at least one YouTube video into each lecture.  I believe that this use of a different instructional technique changes the pace of the class and allows the lecture to be more interesting.

YouTube videos are particularly useful for demonstrating a technique i.e. vegetable cutting which the students can observe.  I then follow this with a demonstration of my own and lastly the students themselves are then given the opportunity to practice the same technique.  In effect I use YouTube as an introduction to the lesson or technique of the day.

YouTube is a treasure chest when it comes to a source of information.  One only has to type in a keyword and search to have dozens of videos appear within the required subject.  Students also find YouTube as a very interactive platform.

A particular section of YouTube called YouTubeEDU is an online classroom where learners can watch an education video to learn almost anything.  This platform also allows for educators to create educational videos and thus brings the school or educational institution into the realm of the global classroom.7

YouTube can be accessed via the following links:


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I am creating a Blog as part of my assignments for the PIPD 3240 class. This is one of the courses in the Provincial Instructor's Diploma Program.

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