Technology and Trends in Education “Top 5 Uses of Social Media in Education”

Belinda Kaplan

PIDP 3240

June 18, 2012

I found this article by Cyndi Laurenti particularly fascinating.  A very interesting statistic mentioned is that “1 in 14 people on earth has a Facebook account.”    She also states that social media is used to enhance online learning.  Furthermore Cyndi describes five uses of social media in an educational environment.

Firstly it brings about enhanced collaboration and allows students to work together in groups within the different platforms of social media.

Secondly she elaborates on how students can view recorded lectures and materials outside the classroom to bring about “flipping.”  In a nutshell this is the student being in charge of their own learning at home and then completing their homework in school.  Teachers then act as guides within the classroom, assisting students with problems they may have.

Thirdly social media is way of passing real time information from teachers to students and vice versa.  Teachers can assign work to students and students can communicate directly with teachers.

Fourthly social media brings about collaboration between educators in that curriculum documents such as lesson plans can easily be shared and ideas communicated.

Fifthly Cyndi talks about open source social media.  This is an alternative form of social media – similar to a Facebook platform but set up by an educational institution and controlled by them.  Thus this is not as public as something like Facebook, but built along a similar platform and functioning in a similar way.


It is evident by looking at these 5 points that social media is changing education in a very significant way and the only way to keep up as educators is for us to use and incorporate this technology.



Laurenti, C. (2011, November 17). [Web log message]. Retrieved from


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