The Role of Social Media in Education

As part of the PIDP 3240 course I have explored the use of various types of social media within education.  This includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogging and creating a Wiki.  Since social media technology is so widely used everywhere in the world it only makes sense that we as educators make use of these as educational tools.

I believe that using social media we can enhance communication between students and educators.  It also makes the course more exciting and interactive and with the result that the learner is engaged.  I particularly see YouTube as an educational resource.  In fact we have our own YouTube channel at the Baking & Pastry Department where instructors are video taped during various demonstrations of techniques or procedures.  It is then an invaluable resource to the student, who can then go home and view the video – thus making these YouTube videos and excellent source of learning.

During the process of creating my own Blog I also began to see the value of such a tool in education.  It would be the perfect way for students to submit smaller assignments and ask questions.  Facebook can also be used for communication and group discussion.

I really enjoyed learning how to create a Wiki.  I will definitely be using this tool in future for any type of group assignment.  It gives students a completely different and interactive platform to work from and they can see each other’s work in progress.

One cannot replace face to face communication with the use of social media since this is an integral part of education and learning.  Rather, social media can be used to enhance the educational experience, promote communication and group discussion and used as a tool to engage students.  This must also be done in a controlled and structured manner in order to prevent student distraction.

I am excited to use these various social media tools in my next course and am looking forward to implementing what I have learned during this course.


About belindakaplanpidp

I am creating a Blog as part of my assignments for the PIPD 3240 class. This is one of the courses in the Provincial Instructor's Diploma Program.

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